Press Release

Last Update:2012-12-27

Please report immediately in case of conflict with Chinese fishing boats.

The quarterly suspension of commercial fishing in China ended on August 1st, and fishing vessels gradually resumed operation. Where Chinese fishing vessels are found in prohibited/restricted waters or any conflicts occur outside prohibited/restricted waters, the Fisheries Agency urges fishermen to make timely report through onboard telecommunications equipment. The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) will dispatch vessels to handle the situation immediately.

The Fisheries Agency pointed out that, in accordance with the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area and the Enforcement Rules, the officials of the Coast Guard Administration may expel, detain, and confiscate fishing tackle and catch if Chinese fishing vessels enter prohibited/restricted waters. The Fisheries Agency will authorize and subsidize the local government to dispose of the confiscated objects. According to the statistics released by CGA, from January to July 2012, there has been a total of 1,722 cases involving expulsion of intruding fishing vessels and 576 cases of confiscation of fishing tackle and catch. In addition, according to Article 80-1 of the amendment of the above mentioned Act, the CGA is authorized to impose fines on the intruding Chinese fishing vessels. Since March 21st 2012, 73 vessels have been fined and the cumulative amount reached NT$11.705 million. The Fisheries Agency urges everyone to report such incidents immediately so that the CGA can effectively deter illegal fishing.

The Fisheries Agency pointed out that the areas out of the prohibited/restricted waters are the common fishing grounds of both China and Taiwan. Anyone who encounters a conflict with Chinese fishing vessels in these areas during fishing operations should report to the Coast Guard Administration immediately. CGA will dispatch patrol vessels to handle the situation.

The Fisheries Agency concluded by stating that, due to the common use of fisheries resources in the waters of northern Taiwan, the Fisheries Agency has been actively pushing forward a discussion between the Strait Exchange Foundation and the Association for Relation across the Taiwan Strait on the issues of cross-strait cooperation, conservation of fisheries resources, and sustainable development.
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