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Last Update:2012-12-27

Aquaculture industry to save power, Fisheries Agency launches second stage subsidy for energy-saving waterwheels.

The Fisheries Agency expressed that, to ease the burden on the aquaculture farmers and lead the industry towards green development, the FA has launched the second stage energy-saving waterwheel subsidy program. From now to November 30th 2012, the FA is accepting applications for the free testing of waterwheels for all waterwheel manufacturers and distributors in Taiwan. In addition, the FA has also launched a subsidy program for the installation of energy-saving waterwheels, targeting victims of Typhoon Morakot in the Chiayi, Pingting, Tainan, and Kaohsiung areas. The FA urges the victims of Typhoon Morakot legally registered for aquaculture operations to lodge applications with the local authorities.

Energy-saving waterwheel cuts down use of electricity and saves money.

The FA further explained that the waterwheels, which are used as aerators, consume over 60% of the total electricity used in the full production process. The farms often assemble their own models of waterwheels without giving consideration to electricity efficiency. To lead the industry into green development, the FA commissioned the Green Product Testing Laboratory of National Cheng Kung University to set up waterwheel electricity efficiency standards this year (2012) and announced 12 waterwheel type aerator brands (models) on the FA’s official website (http://www. It is estimated that energy-saving waterwheels will save an average of 33% of electricity usage, which means an average saving of NT$2,100 per month, calculated based on four waterwheels per hectare running 19 hours per day (approximately 17 to 19 kW/hour).

The FA urges waterwheel manufacturers and aquaculture farmers to apply now.

The FA indicated that this subsidy program is targeted for one-horse power waterwheel-type aerators, which are used massively by the aquaculture industry. Details regarding the application for testing have been announced on the FA website, as well as the qualifying energy efficient brands and models. The FA is also offering 11,000 sets of waterwheels for free to registered aquafarmers in the Morakot disaster areas. The FA urges waterwheel manufacturers and aquafarmers to take this opportunity and apply as soon as possible. This program will offer tremendous savings to farmers, as well as push forward the sustainable development of the industry.
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