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Last Update:2019-08-26

Possible collision to the missing fishing boat, Jin Long Tai No. 6, is suspected, while the search and rescue mission continues

  A Taiwanese tuna longliner, Jin Long Tai No.6, was reported missing on the high seas of the Pacific Ocean at 4:00 p.m. on August 18, 2019. With the coordination of the Fisheries Agency, the Rescue Commend Center (RCC), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), countries in the vicinity were contacted to assist in locating the ship. The air craft sent by the United States of America (U.S.) and the nearby merchant ships found the possible wreckage and flotage of Jin Long Tai No.6. The four Taiwanese fishing vessels asked by the Fisheries Agency to take part in the rescue confirmed that the wreckage belongs to Jin Long Tai No.6. It is suspected that the missing vessel was collided with other ship, and the search and rescue mission for the crew is underway.

  According to the Fisheries Agency, the Fisheries Monitoring Center (FMC) immediately reached the MOFA, the Coast Guard Administration, and the RCC to contact the U.S., Japan as well as other neighbouring countries for assistance, after it had received the notification from the owner of Jin Long Tai No.6. The U.S. sent its air craft to conduct searching on August 23 and 24 respectively. Merchant ships flagged to Japan, Cayman Islands, and Panama also assisted in locating the vessel.

  The Fisheries Agency stated that on board the missing vessel was a crew of nine, including one Taiwanese, one Chinese, and seven Indonesian, whose whereabouts are left unknow for the time being. The FMC asked four Taiwanese fishing vessels to stop operation and sail to the reported wreckage site for rescue. Arriving at the area in the late night of August 24, the four fishing vessels commenced the mission on August 25, and identified the identity of the wreckage, which was also found out to be the stern. Judging from the wreckage, a possible collision is suspected. The Fisheries Agency stressed that even though Jin Long Tai No.6 has been missing for more than seven days, the Agency still assigns those four vessels respective area for search and rescue. The mission will continue given half a chance.

  To facilitate the follow-up marine accident investigation, countries in the vicinity were asked to assist in investigating the tracks of ships that passed by the site during the period when this incident happened. In addition, the Fisheries Agency today dispatched personnel to console the family of the missing crew and updated the rescue progress and plan to the vessel owner. The MOFA was asked by the Fisheries Agency as well to notify the countries of the missing crew of such news. The Fisheries Agency indicated that it will keep relevant parties in the loop so as to render the necessary assistance.

    Contact person: Kuo-Ping Lin, Deputy Director-General, Fisheries Agency
    Mobile: 0988-678051
The photos were taken of the capsized vessel form JRCC Honolulu.
The photos were taken of the capsized vessel form JRCC Honolulu.(open a new window)
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