Coastal Fisheries

Last Update:2015-12-15

Prospects of the Coastal and Offshore Fisheries

Fisheries resources are renewable resources, and living organisms co-exist interactively between predators and preys in the food chain. In case of overuse, it will affect their recruitment in the following year, or even threaten the balance of the ecosystem. As such, preserving marine biodiversity and maintaining the balance of ecosystem are the goals the government has been striving. Over-exploitation and overuse of fisheries resources will endanger the survival of their population. There is the need to continue promoting responsible coastal and offshore fisheries, and applying precautionary approach in management, in order to ensure sustainable use of fisheries resources. Thus, the Fisheries Agency continues commissioning researchers to assess the status of fisheries resources, and after assessments, to those fisheries resources, which required management, control measures were established. To ensure the full implementation of management policy, and to enable sustainability of fisheries resources, respective county and city governments and district fishermen’s associations were requested to carry out complementary propaganda work, for notifying fishermen to comply with the relevant rules, jointly to conserve these resources. On the part of enforcement, a special collaborative program was established between the Fisheries Agency and the Coast Guard Administration, under which coast guard personnel were trained to enhance the work of law enforcement at sea, for cracking down illegal fishing activities. As a responsible fisheries country, with the concerted efforts from fisheries authorities of all levels, fishery organizations and fishermen, Taiwan will achieve the goal of sustainable use of fisheries resources.

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