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Fisheries Right

Last Update:2015-12-18

Changhua County Exclusive Fishing Right

Changhua District Fishermen’s Association Exclusive Fishing Right

Fishing Right Holder: Changhua District Fishermen’s Association

Approval No.: Nong-Yu-Zhuan No. 5

1. Approved position, area and range:
Area extending 3 nautical miles seaward from mean low tide line along the coast of Changhua County (Base Point A731: 23o51.42’N, 120o9.15’E; Base Point A741: 23o15.58’N, 120o14.47’E; Base Point A76: 24o13.97’N, 120o24.55’E; Base Point A77: 24o11.88’N, 120o29.16’E), but not including areas of Changbin Industrial Park, Changbin Power Plant, Dacheng reclaimed land reserved for industrial park, Dadu River Wildlife Reserve (north from the boundary of Taichung Power Plant, extending southward to Shenggang reclaimed land north of Tianwei drainage, west to about 2 kilometers seaward (to mean low tide line minus 1.19 meters)), Mud Shrimp Breeding Conservation Area, and port areas and their navigational passages. (Attachment 1 chart of fishing ground, Attachment 2 Coordinates in Longitudes and Latitudes of Changbin Industrial Park, Changbin Power Plant, Dacheng reclaimed land reserved for industrial park, and Mud Shrimp Breeding Conservation Area.)

2. Approved area: 324.9 square kilometer

3. Approved Duration: 5 June 2009 to 4 June 2019

4. Approved types of fisheries: gill-net fishery, push net or scoop net fishery, hook and line fishery, shallow sea aquaculture, and fisheries using other gears and methods.

5. Restrictions or affiliated conditions:

(1) Under the principle of taken from the public and using by the public, holder of the fishing right shall allocate 100% access fee, for full input to the management and building of fishing ground, and implemented in accordance with the conditions set forth in Attachment 3.

(2) Holder of fishing right shall carry out conservation of resources and preservation of the marine environment in accordance with the rules prescribed in the business plan, and provide annual report in writing on every 31 January. Upon review of the Council of Agriculture (in principle, performed bi-annually), in case the approved conditions prescribed in the Attachment have not been performed, the exclusive fishing right license shall be subject to revocation in whole or in part in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, article 123, and the holder shall have no right to request for recourse.

(3) Approved scope of exclusive fishing right, precluding the use of the following sea areas which have been duly publicized:

i. Port areas and their navigational passages of naval ports, commercial ports, ports for exclusive use, fishing ports, and marinas.

ii. Areas of national parks.

iii. Areas which have been occupied but have completed exclusive fishing right compensation.

iv. Mine areas which have been approved in accordance with the Mining Act, and are still effective.

v. Any areas due for exclusive use which have been publicized by the central or local government in accordance with the applicable law.

(4) In areas prescribed as follows, for joint uses, the operations of exclusive fishing right are to be conducted under restrictions or the conditions as set forth in the Attachment, and the holder of the fishing right shall have no right of recourse:

i. Marine protected areas, coral reef protected areas, natural reserves, fisheries resources conservation areas and wetlands, which have been publicized by the government according to law

ii. Areas where facilities are already in existence: such as fuel oil offloading buoys at sea, water inlet and outlet vents of power plants, etc.

iii. Areas publicized by the government according to law, for specific uses, while not prohibiting fishing activities.

iv. Where “Taichung Qingshui Shooting Exercise Area” of the Ministry of Defense (24o27’51”N, 120o23’30”E; 24o13’30”N, 120o31’42”E; 24o16’32”N, 120o32’28”E; 24o08’30”N, 120o16’00”E) overlaps with the area of the fishing right, the holder of the fishing right shall observe the time of exercise, and prohibit operators with access fishing right to enter into the said area.

6. Types and names of fisheries, types of fishing gears, catches, and fishing periods:

Fisheries types Main catches Fishing periods
Gill-net fishery Spanish mackerel, pomfrets, mullet, and other trash fish Year round
Push net or scoop net fishery Fry of eel, mullet, milkfish, etc. Year round
Hook and line fishery Oriental sweetlips, croakers, three-banded sweetlips, other miscellaneous fish, etc. Year round
Shallow sea aquaculture Oyster, hair clam, steamer clam, other bivalves Year round
Fisheries of other gears and methods Coastal fish Year round

7. Chart of fishing ground:

8. Areas precluded in longitudes and latitudes: Attachment 2, Areas precluded, in longitudes and latitudes (Changhua)

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