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Fisheries of the Republic of China(Taiwan)

Last Update:2015-10-29


Taiwan is surrounded by sea. Its marine fisheries are well developed. In recent years, the average annual fisheries production surpasses 1.27 million tons, with a value of approximately NT$ 94.3 billion. In Taiwan, there are some 130 thousand fishermen households, with approximately 340 thousand people engaging in the industry. Fishery has contributed greatly to the development of peripheral industries, stability of economy, and assurance of food supply. The industry grew rapidly with the assistance and guidance provided by the government, the research and development work carried out by academic and research institutions, and the diligence of the business sector, making Taiwan’s distant water fisheries the top sixth in the world, and its aquaculture has won the reputable title of “Aquaculture Kingdom”.

 Fisheries production and value

Nevertheless, facing the challenges, such as the exercising of the 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) by coastal countries, joint management of high seas marine resources, shortage of land and water resources within the country, and intensive competition amidst the trend of global trade liberalization, the government has enhanced counter measures and policies, with the objective of promoting healthy and safe seafood, development of outstanding technologies, creation of “lohas” recreation for the general public, and sustainability of fisheries development. Through innovation and creativity as means to restructure the competitiveness of the industry, and with the concept of value-chain in mind, it is hoped to work towards further expansion of the industry, enhance the well-being of the fishermen and ensure sustainable development of Taiwan’s fishery.

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