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Charming Fishing Harbors

Last Update:2012-05-07

Wang-Gong Fishing Harbor

The Wang Gong Fishing Port is located on the northwest side of the Wang Gong Village in Fangyuan Township of Changhua County. It was completed in 1969 and was transformed into a recreational fishing port in 2000. Various recreational facilities were built in the harbor area, leading to an influx of tourists and visitors.

The original Wang Gong Fishing Port was located at the west side of the Fuhai Temple and the famous "Lights of Fishing Boats at Wang Gong " is one of the Eight Attractions of Changhua. In 2002, the Changhua County proposed the "Wang Gong Fishing Port Pier Renovation Project", for converting the fishing port into a tourist and leisure port. Fish product direct retail center, a visitor center, fresh produce and seafood specialty products retail platform, an ecological observation platform, the dike viewing plank road and pavilion, the waterfront performance plaza, parking lots, lighting for the harbor area, grass lawns, windbreak trails, restrooms and landscaping next to the access roads were subsequently built. Visitors will be able to taste the local seafood specialties, particularly the famous oyster omelet, and experienced harvesting of oysters, and admiring the art of oyster shell. Isn’t it the most fantastic way of experiencing the charm in Wang Gong Fishing Port!
Wang-Gong Fishing Harbor
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Fangyuan Lighthouse
Fangyuan Lighthouse(open a new window)
Tidal Flat
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