Charming Fishing Harbors

Last Update:2012-05-07

Wai-An Fishing Harbor

Situated in Wai-an Village, at the southern end of Fisherman's Island, Wai-an Fishing Port has a length of 914 meters and an area of 41400 m2. Surrounded by hills on three sides, there is very little arable land in Wai-an Village. Due to its development of fisheries, however, it became the most populous area, second only to downtown Penghu. Despite a gradual decline in fisheries, Wai-an Village continues to thrive and is rich in its cultural diversity, local uniqueness, and leisure tourism.

With a natural barrier of hills at the rear, houses in the village were built close to the sea in adaptation to the terrain. Such a grand and magnificent appearance made Wai-an Fishing Port one of the few ports in Penghu with the scale of a large port. Waian Village is also known as “Little Hong Kong”, where Wai-an Wengwan Temple, the center of local religion, was established during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Ching Dynasty. Standing next to the port, Wengwan Temple offers a panoramic view of the port and the southern waters of Penghu. On the eve of the Lantern Festival the fishing boats assemble in the port, illuminating the sky of Wai-an at the advent of the most auspicious time. The lit up night sky is as brilliant as daylight; the scene like a festival on the sea. In recent years, this celebration has become the most distinctive event of Wai-an Fishing Port.
Wai-An Fishing Harbor
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Lantern Night
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Looking Down from Sansenta
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