Charming Fishing Harbors

Last Update:2012-05-07

Nan-Ao Fishing Harbor

Nanao Fishing Port is located at Chao Yang community (commonly known as Da-Nanao), Su-ao Township, with a natural barrier by the Wu-shi-bi Ecological Reserve in the North. Thanks to abundant resources in the adjacent waters, Nanao Fishing Port has become a fishermen’s favorite destination and the richest fishing ground in southern Su-ao. At 3 or 4 o’clock every afternoon, many people visit the port to purchase the freshest fish.

Chao Yang community is an excellent area for the development of in-depth tourism owing to its natural environment, which is formed by Turtle Mountain on the left, Wu-shi-bi cape on the right, and the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range to the front and rear, respectively. Among the attractions nearby Nanao Fishing Port, Chao Yang National Hiking Trail is the most popular. Located on Turtle Mountain situated on the southern side of Chao Yang community, the trail is 2400 meters in length and about a 30~60 minute walk. Along the trail tourists can overlook the Pacific Ocean, Wu-shi-bi, and the maze over the sea  (set nets), etc.
Nan-Ao Fishing Harbor
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Old Bamboo Artillery
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Zhaoyang National Trail
Zhaoyang National Trail(open a new window)
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