Charming Fishing Harbors

Last Update:2012-01-16

Wanggong Fish Harbor

Wanggung boasts a rich fishery industry and ecology; observation decks and facilities here allow visitors to enjoy the spacious scenery, recreation, and relax more freely. In front of Oyster Art and Cultural Museum, oyster shell DIY activities are available. Visitors can also visit an ecological pond within the tree windbreak area where there is a habitat of mangroves and crabs. The Royal Arch, Tourist Information Center, retail zone of ecological, agricultural, and aquacultural products, observation decks of ecological landscape, Tiding Landscape Trail, and performing square of the water bank are sites that tourists must visit!
Wanggong Fish Harbor
Wanggong Fish Harbor (open a new window)
Lukang Folk Arts Museum
Lukang Folk Arts Museum(open a new window)
Lukang Old Street
Lukang Old Street(open a new window)
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