Charming Fishing Harbors

Last Update:2012-01-16

Xiaoliuqiuo Fish Harbor

The beautiful Chungao Beach, on the right of Xiaoliuqiuo, is a white sand beach that consists of shells, coral reefs, and star sand, and is an ideal place for lovers to enjoy blue sky and sea as well as snorkeling. On the right side of Xiaoliuqiuo Fish Harbor, there is Vase Rock. Rides on commuting ferries, tourism vessels, and glass submarines are available at the Tourist Service Center. With sound safety facilities, tourists are offered with diversified around the island recreational activities. A starry sky on a summer night matches with the rhythm of the waves; with a cup of coffee, your body and soul can be totally relaxed.
Xiaoliuqiuo Fish Harbor
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Stone vase
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Sea views
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