Charming Fishing Harbors

Last Update:2012-02-15

Danshuei No. 2 Fish Harbor

The pedestrian bay bridge is a white sail shape presents the image of Fishermen’s Wharf. The wood pathway is the best site to look out to the sea and see the sunset. The five-star hotel beginning operations this year provides ideal accommodation for visitors.

The “Wishing Wall” and “Lover’s Bell” on the Lover’s Bridge allow couples to promise their beautiful future. Here is also the site for art and cultural activities organized by both the public and private organizations including Fishermen’s Art Market and Waterfront Cultural and Music Festival.
Danshuei No. 2 Fish Harbor
Danshuei No. 2 Fish Harbor(open a new window)
Fish Tibetan Cultural Center
Fish Tibetan Cultural Center(open a new window)
Bali left bank of the bike lanes
Bali left bank of the bike lanes(open a new window)
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