Charming Fishing Harbors

Last Update:2012-02-15

Shenao Fish Harbor

Shenao Fish Harbor was built on the left cliff of Shenao Bay. Due to its shape presenting the look of tribal leader, this fishing village has been nicknamed “Fan Zi Ao.” The Direct Sales Center within the port area runs a seafood restaurant and visitors come here in crowds. A footpath is designed on the dikes where you can have a lookout of Jiufen and Jinguashi.

The reef coast around the port area is the ideal site for tathra fishing; with a spacious hinterland, the Fish Harbor is convenient for fishing with both machine net and on boat, and it is also the Fish Harbor accommodating the largest number of deep sea fishing boats.
Shenao Fish Harbor
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Nine Street
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Bitou Lighthouse
Bitou Lighthouse(open a new window)
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