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Last Update:2012-05-07

Healthy Giant Grouper Rice Cake of Prosperity

Healthy Giant Grouper Rice Cake of Prosperity Ingredients
giant grouper 500g, panax quinquefolium 15g, villous amomum Fruit 5g, glutinous rice 50g, longan pulp 30g, wolfberry 30g, pineapple 1, scallop 10g, shrimp 10g, scallion 30g, ginger 30g, starch & flour 50g
oyster sauce 30g, white sesame oil 10g, crystal sugar some, salt some, rice wine 15cc.
  1. Cube the groper fish, marinate with scallion, ginger, salt, rice wine and Villous Amomum Fruit for 15-20 minutes until flavored.
  2. Soak panax quinquefolium in some cold water for 1/2 hr and steam. Leave the soup.
  3. Soak the glutinous rice until soft, rinse and blend in the panax quinquefolium soup. Then steam until cooked. Mince the longan pulp, rinse the wolfberries and soak in water.
  4. Cut the pineapple into halves, scoop the flesh inside and cube them. Leave the shells as the containers.
  5. Sautee the scallop shrimp, minced scallion, and minced ginger in white sesame oil. Then add the oyster sauce, crystal sugar and longan pulp. Stir a while and put the glutinous rice, wolfberries and pineapple flesh. Stir well.
  6. Coat the fish with starch and deep fry until golden. Put the well-stirred glutinous rice inside the pineapple containers and place thedeep-fried fish on top of them.
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