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Last Update:2012-05-07


Rarely-known Ingredients
grouper 600g, gastrodia 300g, poria 15g, rice 30g, fresh ginger 80g, Szechuam lovage rhizome 3g, scallion 100g, fagara 5g, broth 250cc.
white sesame oil 10g. rice wine 10cc, potato starch 30g.
  1. Slice the grouper fish, marinate with white sesame oil, rice wine, some fresh ginger and scallion segments for 2hours until flavored.
  2. Soak gastrodia with Szechuan lovage rhizome, poria, water and rice for 2 hours. Steam until cooked. Cool and remove gastrodia and slice.
  3. Shred the fresh ginger and cut the scallion into segments.
  4. Wrap gastrodia, scallion segments, ginger shreds with the grouper meat. Sprinkle the broth and steam for 15 minutes.
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