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Last Update:2012-05-07

Formosa Glory

Formosa Glory Ingredients
giant grouper 600g, mango 150g, lychee 15, grape 100g, wolfberry dressing 50g, mayonnaise 50g, ginger 50g, scallion 30g, lettuce 50g.
white sesame oil 10g. rice wine 10cc, lemon 1.
  1. Cut the fish into thick slices, marinate with scallion, ginger and rice wine until flavored.
  2. Dice the fruit and leave aside.
  3. Slightly blanch the marinated fish in boiled water. Soak in cold lemon juice to cool. Dry the water and place on the plate with the fruits. Spread over with mayonnaise and wolfberry dressing.
    Tips: To make wolfberry dressing: Rinse the wolfberries and put in the food processor. Blend well with the mayonnaise.
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