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Last Update:2012-05-07

Sliver Grouper of Lily

Sliver Grouper of Lily Ingredients
grouper 600g, fresh Ginsheng 100g, Chinese angelica 2 sliced, black fungus 100g, fresh lily 60g, wolfberry 2g.
white wine 100cc, sugar 5g, salt 1/2 tb, water 100cc, white sesame oil 5cc.
Smoking ingredients
Refined sugar, flour, rice, tea leaves
  1. Remove the thin spines from the grouper fish, soak ginsheng and Chinese angelica in the seasoning.
  2. Steam ginseng and angelica for an hour and remove to cool. Slice ginsheng and remove Chinese angelica.
  3. Soak the grouper meat in cold ginsheng soup for an hour, remove and place in the steamer to shape.
  4. put the smoking ingredients in another pan, place the steamed fish on the plate. Smoke over the low heat.
  5. When the fish is smoked, leave aside to cool. Slice them and line up like domino with ginsheng.
  6. Boil the black fungus and lily until cooked. Season with salt, sugar and white sesame oil until flavored, and roll up as a flower bud.
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