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Last Update:2012-05-07

Tiger Grouper of Jadeite

Tiger Grouper of Jadeite Ingredients
wild palsam pear 300g, grouper 600g, cordyceps sinensis (dried chrysanthemum) 5g, preserved gourd strips 20g..
red yeast rice 30g, sugar 15g.
  1. Take the meat from the grouper and remove the spines. Slice the grouper meat and wrap up the gourd strips.
  2. Cut the palsam pear into halves and remove the seeds. Blanch and soak to cool. Then shred and surround the grouper meat.
  3. Soak cordyceps sinensis and rinse well.Steam for 20 minutes and remove. Put on the grouper roll and steam for 6 minutes again. Remove and place on the plate. Leave the soup for later ues.
  4. Add the seasoning in the soup and blend well. Cook until thickened and spreaf next to the grouper rolls.
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