Last Update:2012-05-07

Savory Crispy Grouper Tower

Savory Crispy Grouper Tower Ingredients
Black grouper 300g, onion 100g, potato 100g, basil 40g, five-grained flakes 100g
truffle olive oil 30g, salt 10g
  1. Cut the grouper in medium and small cube. Chop the onion and cube the potato.
  2. Saute the onion dice, potato and grouper cubes with olive oil. Before turning off the heat, drizzle over with some truffle olive oil to enhance the flavor.
  3. Put the grouper cube on a five-grained flakes and cover with another five-grained flakes.
  4. On top of the five-grained flakes, put a layer of grouper cube and cover with five-grained flakes again to make the shape of a tower. Garnish with basil.
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