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Last Update:2012-05-07

Pearl Fish Rice of Silkworm Cocoon

Pearl Fish Rice of Silkworm Cocoon Ingredients
orange-spotted grouper 600g, old tofu 300g, perilla noodles 200g, broccoli 100g
salt 10g, sugar 5g, wine 5g, pepper powder 10g
  1. Remove the grouper meat and beat into puree. Add the seasoning and stirfry into fish rice.
  2. Blanch the perilla noodles. Blanch the broccoli and place on the plate center.
  3. Scoop a hole out of the old tofu center and deep fry into a crispy silkworm cocoon. Stuff the tofu with the fish rice.
  4. Place the fish rice of silkworm cocoon on the place. Garnish with the perilla noodles the broccoli.
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