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Pan-fry Crimson Snapper with Meshed Peas

Pan-fry Crimson Snapper with Meshed Peas Source
Fish Dishes for the Lunar New Year Dinner in the Year of Dragon
Main ingredient: 1 whole crimson snapper (about 600 grams) marinated with rice wine and white pepper powder for about 10 minutes.
Secondary ingredients: 250 grams frozen peas, 100 grams cream
1 teaspoon chicken powder, 150 ml water
  1. Mash peas in a blender.
  2. Add cream, mashed peas, chicken powder and water in a metal pot and boil them.
  3. Dry the crimson snapper with a kitchen paper and add dry potato starch on the surface before pan-frying both sides to golden.
  4. Put the mashed peas in the plate and the cooked crimson snapper on top.
  5. Can be served in the Western style; i.e. with a knife and a fork.

Cooking tip:
Always powder the fish surface with potato starch before pan-frying to make the skin crispy.
However, don’t use too much, as this can spoil the appearance and taste.
When serving at the Lunar New Year dinner, decorate with fruit and vegetable with a sharp color, such as the red cherry tomato, apple, pear, cherry etc to make the dish look festive on the table.
The crimson snapper has a red skin. As red symbolizes auspice in Chinese culture, the dish will become an attraction on the table. In the accompaniment of the meshed pea, the contrast is even more gorgeous.
Cream can thicken and enrich the flavor of peas. Soya bean is an alternative. Make sure to remove the membrane to prevent the “mud” taste.
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