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Tilapia in Golden Sand

Tilapia in Golden Sand Source
Fish Dishes for the Lunar New Year Dinner in the Year of Dragon
Main ingredient: 1 whole tilapia (about 450 grams) marinate
Secondary ingredients: 5 diced preserved duck egg yolks, 1 package of mayonnaise, 2 egg yolks
A small amount of salt
Crispy fry mix: dry 50 grams potato starch + 30 grams custard powder)
  1. Add a suitable amount of salt to the cubed tilapia and mix with the egg yolks.
  2. Powder the treated tilapia cubes with crispy fry mix.
  3. Heat the fryer to 180°C and fry the tilapia cubes until they are well done.
  4. Take 10 ml of oil from the fryer. Fry the diced preserved duck egg yolks inside until foams develop. Add the fried tilapia cubes and mayonnaise inside and fry everything a bit.

Cooking tips:
Always dry the fish and add egg yolks to increase adhesiveness before drying.
Potato starch is added to the crispy fry mix to make the fried stuff crispy. By adding a suitable amount potato starch, we can lock the water inside the fish to ensure tender fish meat with a crispy skin when frying at a high temperature.
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