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Deep-fried White Shrimp

Deep-fried White Shrimp Source
Fish Dishes for the Lunar New Year Dinner in the Year of Dragon
Main ingredient: White shrimp(600 grams)
Secondary ingredients: 1 spring onion , 6 ginger slices, 3 cloves of garlic
5 grams sugar, 2 tablespoon salt, 2 tablespoon soy sauce, A small amount of white pepper, 120 grams water, 1 tablespoon tomato sauce
  1. Heat the fryer to 200°C and stop heating (for safety consideration), put the white shrimps inside and remove quickly. Heat the fryer again to 250°C and fry the shrimp again and remove from the fryer.
  2. After stir-frying the secondary ingredients, add the seasonings inside until the sauce reduced.

Cooking tips:
  1. Remove the eyes and trim off feet and sharp end of the shrimp’s head with scissors. This is because there is water in the eyes to cause oil splash and it is easier to eat shrimps without feet and sharp ends
  2. Deep fry crustacean foods at high temperature for a very short time twice to ensure meat elasticity and crispy shell

Chef’s advice for frying:
Add oil to the fryer to 50% and heat the oil at high heat. Stop heating when smoke begins to come for safety consideration. Put dried fish inside and fry for about 6 minutes (or when the fish turn golden). When frying stops, the fish is in a great shape.
You must re-heat the fryer at medium heat to ensure the food is well done. Don’t forget to turn high heat before removing food from the fryer to “expel” the oil inside food. This way, food is more crispy and healthier.
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