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Fishing village

Last Update:2012-05-04

BaDou Fishing Village (Happy BaDou, LOHAS fishing village!)

BaDou fishing village is situated along side the largest fish port in the northern part of Taiwan, BauDouZi port. It is a typical coastal fishing village that not only has it a magnificent landscape of geological feature crafted by mother nature but also a unique 360 degree observatory, so-called platform 101. From platform 101, one can see BitouJiao in the east and FuGueiJiao in the west and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets of BaDou. Its evening scene is as beautiful as that of the day time. One can see the twinkling lights of the fishing boats, and the hillside township of JouFen, sometimes known as little Hong Kong. Ba Dou is a place blessed by mother nature for possessing such plentiful natural resources.
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