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Fishing village

Last Update:2012-05-04

QingKunShen Fishing Village (The 3 treasures of QingKunShen – dried shrimp, dried oyster and mullet roe)

Once a small fishing village on an isolated island, QingKunShen resembles a big, green fish emerging from the sea like what was said in the legend, while still keeping the atmosphere of a humble fishing village. Anyone visiting QingKunShen should never miss the three treasures: dried shrimp, dried oyster and mullet roe. The scene of the hustle and bustle of the fish venders in QingShen fishing port and watching black-winged stilts on a fan-shaped saltpan at sunset are something not to miss if there is the chance. To experience the typical feature of a fishing village, QingKunShen is your best choice.
Treasures(open a new window)
Square in front of temples
Square in front of temples(open a new window)
Mullet roe supplier
Mullet roe supplier(open a new window)
Fishing village of installation art
Fishing village of installation art(open a new window)
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