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Last Update:2014-12-19

10 Most Charming Fishing Ports and Taiwan’s Recreational Fishery

Since 2009, the Fisheries Agency has been running a Contest of 10 Most Charming Fishing Ports by ballot. This activitiy not only has changed the features of fishing ports, but also provided such components as recreation and culture into fishing ports, making them multifunctional. Looking back to the First Contest of 10 Most Charming Fshing Ports, through introduction of various themes, the viewpoint of uniqueness, such as “vagrancy” and “pain healing” was incorporated into the themes, which met the prevailing tones of young people, successfully creating the characteristics of fishing ports, enabling some of the rarely known fishing ports to become a tourist spot over night, for example, “Wu Shi Bi Fishing Port – wandering to the edge of the world”.

Along the coast of Taiwan there are 225 fishing ports. With the change of lifestyle and the quest for higher quality life of people, the functions of fishing ports need to be diversified to include tourism and leisure. For the purpose of promoting multiple functions of fishing ports, the Fisheries Agency has been providing resources for improving the overall environment of the direct retail centers in various fishing ports, beautifying and greening the peripheral environments of various fishing ports, construction of berths for yachts and pleasure boats, and even performing assessment of the environments of fishing ports in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Administration. These actions all aim at improving the overall quality of the environments of fishing ports, in order that they may display the brilliancy of different features.

Taiwan has many beautiful, culture-rich and ecosystem connotated fishing ports yet to be explored. There is the need to illustrate creativity through the cooperation of the local governments, civil societies, fishermen’s associations and fishermen, with the combination of the environments and cultures of fishing ports, making them to become places for leisure and embracing the sea for the entire population.

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