Last Update:2014-12-19

1 miilion per year to encourage students of marine colleges and universities to work on distant water fishing vessels

To encourage new generations with expertise and technology to join Taiwan’s distant water fishery, the Fisheries Agency has implemented the Program on Encouraging Students Graduated from Marine Colleges and Universities to Serve on board Distant Water Fishing Vessels, providing annually 6 candidates, for a maximum of 3 consecutive years. Qualified candidates are as follows:

1) Students graduated from marine colleges or universities, majoring in fisheries, navigation, marine engineering, or telecommuncation.

2) Students graduated from public and private vocational schools, majoring in marine engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or electrican working.    

3) Students graduate from naval academy for officers, majoring in marine engineering.

4) Students who have completed training courses from public vocational training centers, with certificate of verification of over C grade technicians, in the installation and repair of airconditioners, laithe working, and fitter working.

Since its implementation in 2000, 30 students participated in the program, and there are 21 persons remained serving in the industry, with a retention rate of 70%. 

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