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Last Update:2014-12-19

Sustainable utilization of mackerel resources, sustaainable operation of marine fisheries

Scomber australasicus, Scomber japonicus and Trachurus japonicus which are mackerel species found in the waters off the northeastern and southwesterrn parts of Taiwan, are major target species in Taiwan’s mackerel fishery, using such gear as danish seine and purse seine. The most common fishing grounds of this fishery are waters north of 24 degrees N. Fish of Scomber australasicus caught in the fishery appears to be smaller in size and lower in maturity age, reflecting the status of overfishing of the stock. Therefore, enhancement of the management of mackerel fishery should be carried out without any delay.

To ensure sustainable utilization of mackerel resources, on 16 April 2013, the Council of Agriculture amended and proclaimed the Regulation on the Management of Mackerel Fishery, focusing on the following key points:

1. Any single mackerel purse seiner, group mackerel purse seiner or danish seiner which has been authorized to conduct mackerel fishery in waters north of 24 degrees N. (the northeastern areas), are required to apply for a fishing permit.

2. Mackerel fishing vessels are not permitted to fish within the waters 6 nautical miles from the coast of Taiwan main island, and those over 100 GRT are not permitted to fish within the waters 12 nautical miles from the coast of Taiwan main island.

3. Mackerel fishing vessels are not permitted to conduct fishing activities in the northeastern areas between 1 June and 30 June every year.

4.Mackerel fishing vessels proceeding to the northeastern areas to conduct mackerel fishery are required to install transceivers of vessel monitoring system on board, for reporting their positions every hour. They should observe the regulations for group vessel fishing, properly fill in the catch logbook, and receive observers despatched by the Fisheries Agency to carry out observation.

5. Mackerel fishing vessels which have been granted with fishing permits, are limited to land their catches at Nanfangao Fishing Port in Ilan County; Aodi Fishing Port, Shenao Fishing Port, and Yeliu Fishing Port in New Taipei City; Badouzi Fishing Port and Zhengbin Fishing Port in Keelung;Jiangjun Fishing Port and Anping Fishing Port in Tainan; and Xingda Fishing Port, Qianzhen Fishing Port, XiaogangLinhaixincun Fishing Port and Zhongyun Fishing Port in Kaohsiung.

6. The catches of mackerel fishing vessels should be traded openly in the district fishermen’s associations, either in the form of auction, price negotiation, bidding or tendering.

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