Last Update:2012-05-04

Policy Strategies and Visions

Either from the point of supply of animal protein or the provision of locations for recreation or maintenance of socio-economy, fishery is undoubtedly an important and indispensable industry of Taiwan. should not only forward-looking development and planning in fishery cover the interests of both producers and consumers, but also take into account of the possible impact on society, culture and environment. Therefore, future plans in fishery development will take into consideration of various philosophies, including Internationalization, Homeland, Ocean and Fishery, to improve the standard of the fishery of Taiwan. It is hoped that in the next century these visions can be realized.

The ocean-oriented vision with the "sustainable fisheries, enriched fishery villages and a ctive fisherman" will be achieved by the strategy of "Production, Livelihood and Ecology," of witch the means are maintenance of the modernization for the deep sea fishing fleets, promotion of the sustainability of the coastal fishery resources, and turning the aquaculture into an industry with higher competitiveness.

I. Far seas fisheries

II.Offshore and coastal fisheries

III. Aquaculture

IV. Distribution of sea products

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