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Last Update:2015-12-18

Strategic Guidance and Measures on Taiwan’s Ornamental Fish Industry

1. Hosting of Ornamental Fish Expo and Encouraging Industry to Participate in Foreign Exhibitions and Contests:
(1) Exhibitions of ornamental fish were hosted in six consecutive years, with over 100 thousand spectators every year. In 2014, spectators exceeded 140 thousand.
(2) Guiding private aquariums to participate in international exhibitions and contests on koi, guppies and crystal shrimps, notably participation in the exhibition of koi and ornamental shrimps in the 2014 Cross-Strait Fishery Expo held in Fuzhou, and the Master Cup Guppies Contest in the Philippines. They won 3 champions, as well as gaining international reputation in the ornamental fishery industry.

2. Commissioning Academics to Conduct Research and Development to Address the Need of Market and Industry Development
(1) Development of molecular breeding technology of ornamental fish: Transplanting color protein gene from selected marine fish species to change the color pattern of ornamental fish.
(2) Conduct research on new species ornamental fish such as, sea dragon (Phycodurus eques) and banggai cardinal (Pterapogon kauderni) .
(3) Research and Development on new species of ornamental fish and the peripheral facilities: Including development of feed for enriching the color of ornamental shrimps, preventing algae and bacteria to adhere to the glass of aquarium, cultivation of aquatic plants, development of the technology on the breeding of ornamental marine cnidaria.
(4) Research and Development on new species of fresh water ornamental fish, selecting such fresh water shrimps as Atyidae and Macrobrachium rosenbergii, for breeding.

3. Successful research and development of mass breeding model plant, and R&D on the technique of packaging for 72 hours of survival for transportation, to reduce production costs.

4. Reviewing of the list of ornamental fish permitted for import, to diversify the imported species of ornamental fish.

5. Continue to develop of fluorescent fish or GloFish of high technological value:
(1) Making use of genetic modification (GMO) technology, small fluorescent fish and medium size Cichlid were introduced in 2001.
(2) Review of the domestic legislation on the administration of GMO, to assist the export of fluorescent fish.

6. Plans of Industry Guidance (Fisheries Agency)
(1) Supply chain and center-satellite system guiding plan: Completion of report on the planning of 10 businesses stationed in the ornamental fish center, guiding 4 businesses to establish complete flow system, and producing the planning of center-satellite system.
(2) Guidance on establishing name list of ornamental fish breeders and disease monitoring plan: Completion of 372 samplings for conducting molecular biological tests and microbial cultures. With such guidance, the positive rate of white spot disease in ornamental shrimp farms has reduced from 80% to 36.5%.
(3) Planning on establishment and extension of brand name for ornamental fish: Printing of name list of farms, assistance to businesses in the center to attract buyers, establishment of aquarium marketing internet platform, assisting Taiwan Ornamental Fish Association to participate in the 18th China International Pet Show (CIPS) held in Beijing, making advertisements on international journals and publications, such as, Tropical Fish Hobbyists and Coral Magazine, and shooting of videos of ornamental fish and peripheral industries.

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