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Last Update:2017-09-12

Mainland Chinese fishing vessel claiming illegal catch it possessed to be from Taiwan’s fishing vessel, and such assertion is not true

Recently the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment detected within Ecuadorian Galápagos Marine Sanctuary that Mainland Chinese Fishing Vessel “Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999” was in possession of 300 tons of catch, and it claimed that the catch was purchased from Taiwanese Fishing Vessel “Hai Fang 301” and “Hai Fang 302”. The Fisheries Agency stated that the two fishing vessels so named are not Taiwanese fishing vessels, and they have nothing to do with Taiwan whatsoever.

Illegally caught sharks not from Taiwan’s fishing vessels
It was reported by media that Mainland Chinese Fishing Vessel “Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999” which was detected to be in possession of 300 tons of catch, including 6,623 sharks, was severely punished by Ecuador. “Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999” as well as the Mainland Chinese side claimed that the sharks were purchased on the high seas 1,200 miles away from the Ecuadorian exclusive economic zone, from Taiwanese fishing vessels “Hai Fang 301” and “Hai Fang 302”, while the Ecuadorian judge did not take their words. The Fisheries Agency expressed that it was checked that Taiwan’s fishing vessels did not proceed to that area for fishing, and the two fishing vessels in question are not our registered fishing vessels, nor are they non-Taiwan fishing vessels invested and operated by our nationals in accordance with the required regulations. Furthermore, there was no evidence that these two vessels were operated by Taiwan’s nationals and transshipped catch to that Mainland Chinese fish carrier. The so-called Taiwanese fishing vessels as claimed by the Mainland Chinese side have nothing to do with Taiwan. Mainland Chinese side publicly claimed that the illegally caught sharks were from Taiwan’s fishing vessels without confirmation, has seriously damaged Taiwan’s image. Our side will make protest to the Mainland Chinese side through proper channel, asking for clarification. In case the Mainland Chinese side has concrete evidence in hand, it should be provided to our side for our reference and further investigation.

Taiwan’s efforts in Shark Conservation
The Fisheries Agency also expressed that Taiwan has long been putting tremendous efforts in conducting research and management on shark resources, and has adopted a series of conservation and management measures more stringent than and well ahead of that has been adopted internationally, for instance, adoption in 2007 the “Regulations on the Prohibition on Catching, Possessing and Selling of Whale Shark”; announcement in 2012 well ahead of other Asian countries the “Regulations on Shark’s Fins Naturally Attached to Bodies”, to eliminate shark finning; announcement in 2013 the “Regulations on the Catching of Great White Shark, Basking Shark and Megamouth Shark”; implementation in 2016 the “Regulations on Manta Ray Catch”, establishing mechanism for reporting and collecting biological information on rare large shark species. In addition, to provide strict trade control on shark products, in 2012 the Notice for Compliance on the Import of Shark’s Fins was announced. Should any violation be found, the case will be submitted to the competent authorities for investigation and sanction, to demonstrate the determination of our enforcement.

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